Sculpt OS 20.02 released

With the release of Sculpt version 20.02, we follow our roadmap’s mission to make Sculpt OS easier to approach. In particular, we identified the reliance on a command-line interface as a potential barrier of entry. As Sculpt OS is not a Unix-like system, it should not require any Unix know-how from the user. To relieve users from this burden, Sculpt 20.02 introduces a custom graphical file browser and editor that can be used for interactively inspecting and tweaking the state of the system. The traditional command-line interface is still present as a fallback for advanced tasks though. The updated manual goes into detail about the use of the new system.

Sculpt OS is related to the Genode project – a popular mainstay at OSNews – and basically ties a number of their technologies together into a general purpose desktop operating sytsem.

Sculpt is an open-source general-purpose OS. It combines Genode’s microkernel architecture, capability-based security, sandboxed device drivers, and virtual machines in a novel operating system for commodity PC hardware. Sculpt is used as day-to-day OS by the Genode developers.

The download page provides a ready-to-go VirtualBox image, so if you want to play with Sculpt OS – they couldn’t have made it any easier.