Haiku activity report – January 2021

Another month, another Haiku activity report. January was a busy month for OSNews’ favourite operating system project, with a lot of love sent the way of the various ports to other architectures. Work has been done on the ARM and RISC-V ports, but also on platforms you might not expect in this day and age: SPARC and PowerPC. While some may question putting any effort into these alternative platforms at all, that’s a shortsighted position – work on other platforms often aides in uncovering and fixing bugs in the code for your main platform. It also prevents code from becoming more platform-dependent than it needs to be.

Amid the long list of other improvements, the one that stands out is merging support for SD/MMC cards.

The SD/MMC drivers are merged. It is now possible to read and write SD and SDHC cards using controllers compatible with the SDHCI specification.

This is one of those things that will make it easier to transfer files to and from your Haiku installation.


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