Facebook and Instagram to offer subscription for no ads in Europe

Facebook has unveiled the prices it’s going to charge European users who want to have an ad-free experience on Facebook and Instagram.

People in these countries will be able to subscribe for a fee to use our products without ads. Depending on where you purchase it will cost €9.99/month on the web or €12.99/month on iOS and Android. Regardless of where you purchase, the subscription will apply to all linked Facebook and Instagram accounts in a user’s Accounts Center. As is the case for many online subscriptions, the iOS and Android pricing take into account the fees that Apple and Google charge through respective purchasing policies. Until March 1, 2024, the initial subscription covers all linked accounts in a user’s Accounts Center. However, beginning March 1, 2024, an additional fee of €6/month on the web and €8/month on iOS and Android will apply for each additional account listed in a user’s Account Center.

That’s a high price to pay to read your racist uncle’s rants and see the heavily photoshopped photos of some random influencer peddling vitamin pills.


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