No Bing, no Edge, no upselling: De-crufted Windows 11 coming to Europe soon

In order to comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act, Microsoft is planning a number of changes to Windows to comply with this new legislation. Ars sums them up nicely:

  • Bing’s web search from the Start menu and the Edge browser can be uninstalled
  • Third parties can add to the Windows Widgets Board feeds
  • Third parties, like Google or DuckDuckGo, can provide the built-in web search results that Bing once had exclusively
  • Windows users who choose to sync their Microsoft accounts will have their pinned apps and preferences synced, seemingly keeping their EEA-enabled choices
  • Windows will now “always use customers’ configured app default settings for link and file types”

All of the above will be exclusive to the EU/EEA, so Windows users elsewhere are out of luck.


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