Porporo: an experimental operating system specification for Varvara

Porporo is an experimental operating system specification for Varvara, written in TAL and ANSI C. This is a work in progress, for more details follow the development during december.

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So, what is Varvara?

Varvara is a specification for devices communicating with the Uxn CPU intended to run little audio and visual programs.

↫ Varvara official website

…so, what is the Uxn CPU?

This one-page computer, programmable in Uxntal, was designed with an implementation-first mindset and a focus on creating portable graphical tools and games. It lives at the heart of the Varvara personal computer.

↫ Official Uxn CPU website

I have no idea what any of this means, but I feel like there’s something incredibly cool going on here.


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