systemd through the eyes of a musl distribution maintainer

systemd, as a service manager, is not actually a bad piece of software by itself. The fact it can act as both a service manager and an inetd(8) replacement is really cool. The unit file format is very nice and expressive. Defining mechanism and leaving policy to the administrator is a good design.

Of course, nothing exists in a vacuum. I don’t like the encouragement to link daemons to libsystemd for better integration – all of the useful integrations can be done with more portable measures. And I really don’t like the fact they consider glibc to be “the Linux API” when musl, Bionic, and other libcs exist.

I’d like to dive into detail on the good and the bad of systemd, as seen through my eyes as all of: end user, administrator, and developer.

↫ awilfox

awilfox is a maintainer of Adélie Linux, which does not use systemd, but this blog post is one of the few reasonable, well-written, and substantiated critiques of systemd – as opposed to the usual mindless screeching you usually hear about systemd. A great read.


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