The Sega AI Computer (セガAIコンピューター)

Around late 1986, Sega released the “Sega AI Computer”. This is one of Sega’s least well known and rarest systems. Not much is known about this system apart from a small amount of information in Japanese and American flyers and press articles. The information we have is still piecemeal and may be partly inaccurate.

Today we are making public, for the first time: all system roms extracted from the Sega AI Computer, data dumps from 26 my-cards and 14 tapes, many scans and photographs, and in collaboration with MAME developers, an early working MAME driver allowing this computer to be emulated.

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Incredible. Usually stuff like this is relegated to a YouTube video, with potential archival efforts pushed to the background since it’s boring and won’t get any views. This is an amazing effort.

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