Apple Drops 20″ iMac G5

Bid farewell to the PowerPC-based iMac G5, ladies and gentlemen. Apple has dropped the 20″ model from its online stores in the UK, Europe and Japan, though the machine remains on sale in the US. Not for long though, we’d guess. Apple pulled the 17″ iMac G5 early in February, almost a month after introducing the Intel-based models in January. By the end of February, the 15″ PowerBook G4 was gone from the retail site, and early this month the PowerPC G4-based Mac Mini was dropped too.” That leaves us only with the iBook and PowerMac machines still being PPC (ignoring the Xserve). Reports suggest that the Intel iBook will arrive early April, and that the PowerMac might get the Intel treatmentent as soon as Intel pushes out its Conroe line.


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