US revokes Intel, Qualcomm’s export licenses to sell to China’s Huawei, sources say

The U.S. has revoked licenses that allowed companies including Intel and Qualcomm to ship chips used for laptops and handsets to sanctioned Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei Technologies, three people familiar with the matter said.

↫ Alexandra Alper, Fanny Potkin, David Shepardson

The timing of this news is very interesting, as despite the massive sanctions the United States levied against Huawei, the company seems to be doing really well, with its smartphone business seeing massive gains in the Chinese market, at the expense of everyone else. This proves that Huawei does not need access to western chips and technologies to be successful, which must definitely sting in the US and Europe.

Strong financial results, using hardware and chips designed not by western companies but by Chinese ones, combined with the only mobile operating system that has any serious potential to at least somewhat threaten Android and iOS. The various sanctions were clearly intended to hurt Huawei and possibly contain it to just China, but it seems they’re not having their desired effect at all.


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