AtheOS 0.3.7 Released

Kurt Skauen, the AtheOS developer, writes: “The main focus have still been bug fixing and optimization but I have also added a few new features to the various API’s as well as a new tool for managing installation of command-line applications and a tool for adding, listing, and extracting resources to/from executable images. There is also a new set of classes and functions that help the applications to locate and load resources embedded in executable’s and DLL’s. Various other classes have also been added to the API and many of the existing classes has been extended. The TCP/IP stack have got an overhaul and are now performing much better than in previous versions. Especially on high-latency links. Take a look at the changes list for a more detailed list of changes since V0.3.6. Go and download the new version of AtheOS and if you have questions make sure you post them in the mailing list provided. Recently, we held an interview with Kurt where he explains a lot about the AtheOS goals and its future.


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