Interview: Magnussoft’s Rene Weinert

Yesterday, I wrote a short editorial concerning the news that Magnussoft started accepting pre-orders for the next version of Zeta, 1.21. Today, via email, I asked a few short question which arose, more or less, in the comments’ section of that editorial, to Magnussoft‘s Rene Weinert. Updated: See question 3.

Note: please bear in mind the interviewee is not a native English speaker, so please forgive any spelling or grammar mistakes.

1. In yesterday’s short editorial, I summarised the past months’ events as such:

  1. YellowTAB develops and sells Zeta;
  2. YellowTAB gets in financial troubles;
  3. YellowTAB announces exclusive distribution rights for Zeta to Magnussoft;
  4. YellowTAB goes bust, broke, bankrupt, whatever term is legally applicable;
  5. Bernd Korz goes to Magnussoft, probably bringing along developers from YellowTAB, to continue Zeta development;
  6. Profit (hopefully).

Is this the correct sequence of events?

Yes and no. It is the right sequence, but there are some errors in your content, especially at point number five. Mr Korz is no employee of Magnussoft. Magnussoft owns only the rights to sell ZETA. Any further development is done by an independent developing team which includes Mr Korz.

2. Is the GCC4 transition and multi-user planned for 1.21, or for a future 1.5/2.0 release?

The multi user pannel is planned as an upgrade for the Magnussoft ZETA 1.21. The GCC4 transition will be done only in versions later than 1.21.

3. Will the above major features mean serious application breakage? Or do you have a compatibility layer or legacy layer planned?

Full compatibiliy of previous ZETA software/products is planned and we have a good feeling in realizing it.

Update: We are working on the new version (GCC4) and we were successfull in getting programs started on it. So we do have a compatibility for some programs we had tested, but as I have mentioned before, we are still working on the new version. So we can not say if or in what kind of ways the final product will be compatible with older versions, yet. To many changes have still to be done, before the master is built for the final release of the new product. So I can not give you a definitv YES or No for the point compatibility of the new version.

4. Will the free live CD YellowTAB released be updated, and easier to burn?

We are working on a new release of the Live CD for Magnussoft ZETA 1.21.

5. What’s up with the beta program announced by Magnussoft? When will people start getting their beta packages?

The beta testing phase is already done. All people who could be part of the beta team were contacted and received their packages and logins only a short time after the news. However, there was such big interest in beta testing, that we could not contact everybody to tell them the results individually. So, we decided to write a short newsitem, that the beta employments were finished.

We would like to thank RenΓ© Weinert for answering our questions.


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