Summary: Windows Vista News

To avoid having 8573 stories related to Vista atop one another, this item groups some of them. Fortune: “After five years in development, Microsoft’s new operating system is finally about to hit the street. Is it a keeper? Fortune’s Peter Lewis takes it for a test drive.” eWeek: “Some have taken exception with Vista’s permission-asking proclivity, but it may be that we’ve just become too cavalier about making fundamental changes to our systems.” eWeek: “We check out the first systems bundling Microsoft’s newest OS and tell you what you will, and will not, be getting with Vista.” Click read more for, well, more items. This item will probably be updated regularly.Microsoft Watch: “At one time, it seemed like it would be a cold day in hell before Microsoft would release Windows Vista. A cold day is right. Tomorrow, Microsoft will give the real Windows Vista kick-off – much splashier than November’s business launch – in New York City. The forecast is minus 1 degrees Celsius, with gusty winds. Brrrr.”

CNet: “New year, new software: Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows Vista, has finally hit consumer desks. Do you need to upgrade, and if so, to which version? Should you get a new desktop or laptop with Vista preinstalled? CNET has your complete guide to Windows Vista: software and system reviews, videos, the latest news, downloads, tips, and a test to check whether your system’s ready for the upgrade.”

CNet: “Before spending the money for Windows Vista, set to debut this week, is there any guarantee that the software you buy will run as advertised on your PC? Not exactly, analysts say.”

ZDNet UK: “Microsoft is looking to supplant the ubiquitous JPEG with an image format of its own – and it’s hoping the debut of Windows Vista will help do the job.”

ActiveWin: “ATI/AMD have just released the first official WHQL certified Catalyst Windows Vista release on”

Windows Vista Blog: “Now that the coding of Windows Vista has been completed, the product has been handed off to our partners for them to ready drivers and applications that work with it, and the Marketing department is tasked with finding new and clever ways to sell it, you must be wondering: what exactly is our development team up to?”

Slashdot: “Security researcher Alex Ionescu claims to have successfully bypassed the much discussed DRM protection in Windows Vista, called ‘Protected Media Path’, which is designed to seriously degrade the playback quality of any video and audio running on systems with hardware components not explicitly approved by Microsoft.”


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