New Database Categories

Today, we did a fairly major restructuring of our database categories. Before, we only added one or, in rare cases, two; this time, however, we have added three new categories, and also split one up. Read one for the how and why, and also how you can help in finding misplaced stories.I ended my recent editorial on KDE vs. GNOME with the following paragraph:

“You can – I kid you not – even choose something else, besides KDE and GNOME! You can use Xfce, or if you prefer something more exotic, you can install things like E16, E17, ROX, or whatever other desktop environment.”

This made me think. On OSNews, we only had separate categories for KDE and GNOME; every other window manager or desktop environment for X and UNIX-like systems was put in the X category. This made little sense to me, and hence, we changed it around a bit.

The X category has been split up in two different categories: “X11“, which will deal with stories related to Xorg, Xfree86, Beryl, Compiz, Aiglx, and so on; all things related to the X server itself.

All other stories in that category will now be put into the new category “Window Managers“; here you will find stories on ROX, Blackbox, Enlightenment, FVWM, and so on. Basically, we split the X server from the window managers and desktop environments which run on top of these X servers.

We also “awarded” Xfce with its own database category. Seven years ago it might have made sense to share Xfce with all the other small window managers and desktop environments, but in this day and age, Xfce has proven to be a few steps ahead of all these. After KDE and GNOME, Xfce is probably the most used X environment.

Lastly, we created a category to deal specifically with OpenStep, GNUstep, and related items such as stories on NEXT. These are platforms in their own right, similar to Qt and Gtk+. We thought a proper database category would be in order.

How you can help

After such a massive restructure of the database, we usually spend days migrating stories around, finding older stories in the wrong categories, and so on. Even though Adam can do some database magic such as automatically moving all stories with “Xfce” in their titles to the Xfce category, many will still slip our attention. I am currently manually sifting through our database to fix older stories, but as you can imagine, this is a very tedious and time consuming task.

Hence, feel free to post in the comments here any stories you find that might be in the wrong category, specifically those concerning the new categories created (feel free to just post the story_id). We thank you in advance!


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