NetBSD 1.6 Released

NetBSD 1.6 has been released, with binary releases for 39 architectures. More information is available in the 1.6 release announcement and in the following blurb.Users are strongly encouraged to consider upgrading to 1.6, as the NetBSD team believes this to be the best release of NetBSD yet. Some features of this new release:

  • Full support for cross-compilation of the base system, even as non-root user! src/ is available for doing arbitrary cross-builds; see src/BUILDING for more information. At least
    38 ports for the NetBSD 1.6 release were cross-built on a NetBSD/i386 system using this mechanism.

  • All platforms (except pc532) use ELF now.
  • Hardware assisted IPv4 TCP and UDP checksumming and caching of
    the IPv6 TCP pseudo header

  • Zero-Copy for TCP and UDP transmit path
  • New pipe implementation with significantly higher performance
  • Bridging, IrDA, VLAN, PPPoE and ISDN support
  • USB 2.0 support
  • Helpful new commands: sushi(8), pgrep(1), pkill(1), etcupdate(8)
  • Even better security with many daemons running chroot environments
    now, additional passwd(5) ciphers as well as another round of code

  • Numerous 3rd party applications included in the NetBSD base system
    were updated.

  • Many new packages in The NetBSD packages collection, including the
    latest open source desktop KDE3,, as well as the
    Perl, Apache and many more. At the time of writing, there are over
    3000 third party packages available in pkgsrc.

See the list of significant changes between 1.5 and 1.6
for a more complete list.

Many of the FTP Mirrors are now carrying the NetBSD 1.6 distribution.
Please try to use the NetBSD
FTP Mirror Site

closest to you.

Spanish and
language translations of the NetBSD 1.6 release announcement are


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