Debian GNU/Hurd CD release ‘G1’

The good folks over at Debian have released the first alpha CD distribution ‘G1’ of Debian GNU/Hurd. This release consists of three CDs, but only the first one is necessary to get a usable system running. They have a page with install information that you’ll definitely want to read before trying it out. (Hint: Don’t forget to run /native-install and reboot, then repeat, or you’ll be stuck in single-user mode.) The primary download site at is often busy, so try one of the GNU mirrors or this temporary mirror if you have trouble getting in. We had fun installing and playing around with the Hurd on a spare machine. As they warn, this is still very raw and experimental, but this kinder, gentler release finally makes the Hurd more accessible to the non-diehard crowd. See the GNU Hurd main website for more project information and history.


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