Samples by the New Wave of Videographers

A few weeks ago I published an editorial on the new school of videographers that has recently started to emerge as profoundly as digital art photography did a few years ago. (OS) News are slow during holiday seasons, so I thought I put together an article with a small collection of some of the best examples of amateur cinematography for your viewing pleasure, as found on the popular with the movement site, Leave a comment with what you think of these clips, or even download them in order to watch them in full HD quality through your AppleTV, XboX360 or PS3.Note: The embedded Flash videos below are not HD. To view them or download them in 720p HD mode you must click their respective video titles and go to their dedicated Vimeo page.

HV20 – Rainy Day Cinematography

This little short clip alone has driven thousands Canon HV20 sales, the now legendary HD camcorder (more than half of all of Vimeo’s HD clips were created with the HV20). This video is the most viewed HV20 clip ever, with over 50,000 views so far on Youtube, Vimeo and elsewhere. The teenager creator and his brother shown on the video used sandwich bags to protect the camera from the rain! Download the full quality video file of this clip after creating a Vimeo account, it’s worth the hassle if you own a PS3/XBoX360 and an HDTV.

A Tribute to Nature

A beautiful nature video, with nice color grading effects.

Chaotic Dylan

My friend Marshall becomes artsy. Great atmosphere.

Another Morning Walk

Charlie McCarthy is possibly the only videographer that I know that has so much good footage, with most of it being ultra exceptional. In this list today he is the only artist with two videos featured.

Macro bubbles

Joey, aka Lucasberg, is known for his impressive macro videos clips.

Drifters of the deep

The most amazing creatures nature has ever created, drifting in our oceans. From the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

A Day In Fall 2007

A different look of Silicon Valley.

Digital Dream

Charlie McCarthy’s second video on this list, inspired by a dream he had the night before he shot this.

Summer Rain

And the female touch in all this. Kelly has an amazing eye for photography and video.


A travel video in a way that only Fabian knows how to deliver.

The moon

The Canon HV20 behind a telescope!

What Lies Under

Slugs are cool. No kidding.

DOF35mmPro Nikon E f1.8

A video showing how far this community will go to acquire the “film look”. TwoNeil tests his HV20 with his home-made 35mm adapter and a Nikon lens. Check this video too, which is the same backyard he used for the video below, but in Winter instead of Autumn.


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