Haiku at LugRadio Live USA 2008

As of Late, the Haiku project has been making some major steps forward, most notably the ability to ‘self host’, one of the most important milestones for the upcoming alpha release. In addition to development progress, Haiku is also making a name or itself in the Free software world in general, by attending conferences, for instance. Last weekend, Haiku was present at the LugRadio Live USA 2008 event, held in San Fransisco.Representing Haiku during the event were Scott McCreary (of BeDrivers.com fame) and, as usual, Jorge G. Mare (“koki”), who detailed Haiku’s participation on the Haiku website. They took the opportunity to spread the word about Haiku from their booth, which had a few machines running Haiku, and a projector to show off what Haiku can do. They met several interesting people; the Haiku booth was located next to FreeBSD’s, Ubuntu’s, and KDE’s – big boys compared to Haiku. They also met up with a couple who actually own a BeBox, which makes them Couple of the Year in my book.

According to Jorge Mare, the most important element of the conference was the ability to ‘network’. They had the opportunity to chat with Google’s Leslie Hawthorn, who is responsible for the Google Summer of Code. They also spoke with David Maxwell of Coverity, who expressed interest in adding Haiku to Coverity’s list of projects that support their code analysis tool (read more about this on the Haiku mailinglist). In addition, Jorge may have secured some presentation opportunities at other conferences and Linux User Groups.

Jorge concludes his report by thanking Scot McCreary for his help and support during the weekend. “I would say with confidence that attending LugRadio was definitely a positive experience for Haiku.”


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