Apple To Put P.A. Semi Chips in iPods, iPhones

We’re continuing our detailed coverage of all the bits and pieces dripping from the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Fransisco. As you all might recall, Apple bought a chip company called P.A. Semi not too long ago, a maker of low-power PowerPC chips, fuelling rumours Apple might use them in its own products such as the iPhone and iPod. This has now been confirmed by His Steveness himself.The New York Times caught up with Jobs after his keynote presentation at WWDC, and the most interesting bit is a few words Jobs shared with the New York Times on Apple’s acquisition of P.A. Semi. Jobs said:

PA Semi is going to do system-on-chips for iPhones and iPods.

This has been pretty much a dead give-away for most of us, but it’s nice to finally hear a confirmation from the best source you could ever wish for. I think we can now also safely put to rest any of the crazy ideas some people had about Apple using P.A. Semi’s chips in laptops or desktop computers. I’m with you on it being exciting, but it won’t happen.

This may also shed some light on the recent news that Apple might – possibly maybe – drop support for PowerPC chips when Snow Leopard comes out. P.A. Semi currently makes PowerPC chips, and if those were to end up in iPhones, Mac OS X cannot drop support for PowerPC, since Apple points out – ad nausea – that Mac OS X-proper is the same as Mac OS X-iPhone. PowerPC users, do not rejoice just yet: who is to say P.A. Semi isn’t simply going to make ARM or low-power x86 chips?


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