Mandriva and PTech Announce Low-cost Desktop

Mandriva and Precedent Technologies (PTech) are pleased to announce a new partnership, working together on the release in September in the United States of a new low-cost desktop – the TechSurfer – with Intel Atom CPUs and Mandriva Linux preinstalled. TechSurfer is a web-centric computing platform that is designed for customers who mostly surf the web; download music; and utilize VOIP services, such as Skype. The TechSurfer platform is also suitable for light desktop applications. TechSurfer is powered by the Intel Atom processor. The Atom processor was designed especially for web-centric computers. TechSurfer prices starts at $399.99 with Mandriva Linux pre-installed: Microsoft Windows will cost an extra $100. The system will come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. Find out more in the press release.
Editor’s note: Looks like Mandriva is taking full-advantage of the Low-cost hardware arena. First the Intel’s ClassmatePC then the GDium and now PTech.


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