Car Sale Scams

I noticed that craigslist’s for sale section now states:
Well, I got a little taste of that this weekend, when I saw a Subaru WRX STi for a suspiciously cheap price. Those with delicate sensibilities may want to skip reading the classy final response from the “seller.” I started off emailing a quick question:David Adams wrote:
So why so cheap?

Diana Brooks wrote:

Hello there,

First of all I would like to tell you that theSubaru is located with me in Edmonton, Canada as I recently moved here.

I received a job promotion here as CFO for PricewaterhouseCoopers and along with the job I received as a company car a new Land Rover Range Rover for free, so I have no use for mySubaru Impreza anymore and it could cost me a fortune to register here the Subaru as a Canadian car, so I have to sell it as soon as possible below the market value to save some money because the car is still registred in the US.
The full price for the Subaru WRX is $4,800.00 US dollars with all shipping fees included to your location.

I have the clean title ready to be signed. The car is in perfect condition mechanical and aestetichal, was never been involved in any kind of accidents and doesn`t have any leaks.

I want you to know that I’ll handle the shipping, so this will be free of charge for you.

Our transaction will run under the supervision of eBay MotorsTransactions department. eBay Motors will work for us just like an escrow service, just that the transaction will be faster and also 100% secure for both of us. You will send them the payment then they will let me know that the payment is OK and I can start the car shipping. After the car will arrive to you and you shall inspect it and testdrive it for 10 days, you will let eBay know that, so they can forward your payment to me.
In order to start the official transaction, I need to know your details:
Full name of the buyerand shipping address

Best wishes,
Diana Brooks

David Adams wrote:

That will work great, as I am the widow of Dr. Umunti Andela, the former minister of petroleum of Upper Gonwanaland, and the corrupt government there is trying to seize our $12,000,000 fortune. If you’ll forward me your bank account number, I’ll wire you $50,000 for the car, if you’ll first deliver it to a vacant lot in my city, leave the keys under the tire, an wait two weeks for my Swiss bank to deliver your funds.

Diana Brooks wrote: