Linus Blogs About 2.6.27 Release

Linus Torvalds who has recently started blogging, writes about the new 2.6.27 release. The developer’s viewpoint on releases tend to be different from end users. Some interesting bits…

“The whole point of a release is that it should be something reasonably stable. Stable enough so that people can take that release and use it as a base for the stable tree, which in turn tends to be a base for most Linux distributions. It doesn’t have to be perfect (and obviously no release ever is), but it needs to be in reasonable shape.”

“So what makes a release anti-climactic is that from a development standpoint – at least as far as I’m concerned – it is inevitably at the end of a gradual slowing down of interest. So to me a release is not so much of a birth of a new kernel version, it’s more of a laying-to-rest of an old one. It’s also an end to a fairly quiet period.”


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