Good OS Announces Cloud

Good OS, a company well-known for it gOS linux distribution and their $199 Walmart computers has announced a new OS called “Cloud”. Good OS described their new Operating System in a press release “Cloud uniquely integrates a web browser with a compressed Linux operating system kernel for immediate access to Internet, integration of browser and rich client applications, and full control of the computer from inside the browser.”

gOS boasts a fast boot-up of the “Cloud” Operating System that enables users to get on the internet or use some basic applications which are yet to be revealed. One of the attractive features of this OS is its ability to boot into Windows or Linux if the user wishes to do more than just browse the internet. Cloud will come pre-installed along side Windows XP in GIGABYTE touch-screen netbooks early next year.

More details about Cloud and GIGABYTE Touch-Screen Netbooks will be released on January 8 2009 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The hardware requirements are very modest and it takes up only 35 MB in hard-disk. The feature list is not too impressive but the browser does come with flash and MP3 support, hence it opens up the possibility of numerous webapps.

The concept of this Cloud OS reminds me of the “SplashTop Instant-on Linux” by DeviceVM.


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