Windows PowerShell 2.0 CTP3 Released

Windows PowerShell, Microsoft’s extensible command-line shell and associated scripting language, has seen a new release. The PowerShell team announced the third CTP for PowerShell v2.0 on the project’s blog. “This release brings, among other things, performance improvements … things will be faster/more efficient than before. PowerShell remoting now allows implicit remoting where command execution appears to be local even though they are remote. We have added over 60 new cmdlets in this release … cmdlets for adding/removing/renaming computers, cmdlets for event logs, cmdlets for WS-Man functionality and even a WS-Man provider. The ‘graphical’ host, Windows PowerShell ISE, now supports a graphical debugger, context sensitive F1 help and a programmable interface for you to party on.” You may get the new release from Microsoft’s download page.


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