Nonexistent Laser Drive Boasts 100Tbits/s

Though this drive is pretty much in the average consumers’ dreams (albeit a very tech-savvy average consumer) for at least the next decade or so, having one of these buggers would certainly make even those of us who have “seen it all” drool. It’s estimated that in a mere five years, laser-drive hybrids could be commercially available (for a hefty price, I wager), but only reaching the sluggish access time of 1Tbits/s. It is also estimated, however, that in the future beyond, we may be seeing more modern drives with a happy 100Tbits/s. Amazing what shedding a bit of laser light on a subject can do.


  1. 2009-01-16 5:10 pm
  2. 2009-01-17 5:52 pm