EFI-X Dumps US Partner

We’ve already covered EFI-X a few times on OSNews. It’s a boot processing unit that implements a working version of EFI, allowing you to boot all sorts of operating systems – including Mac OS X, without having to hack Apple’s OS, meaning all updates will work flawlessly. And this is exactly where the problem lies: the company that makes the EFI-X, Arts Studio Entertainment Media, doesn’t want to be associated in any way with people using the device to install Mac OS X. In fact, ASEM has stated that it will sue anyone who sells the EFI-X pre-installed in a machine that violates another company’s terms of use, for instance by including a pre-installed copy of Mac OS X. EFI-X USA LLC (unrelated to ASEM), has done exactly this, and that’s why ASEM severed its connections with the US company.

ASEM has stated that what EFI-X USA LLC is doing is a breach of ASEM’s terms and conditions, and as such, it does not want to be involved with the US company any longer. ASEM sets itself apart from companies lik PsyStar because ASEM doesn’t market itself as a competitor to Apple. EFI-X USA LLC pitched its computer, pre-installed with the EFI-X dongle and Mac OS X, as a competitor to Apple’s Mac Pro, and that’s what ASEM doesn’t approve of. In addition, the American company provided poor customer support, ASEM’s CEO states.

ASEM has already set up a new deal with another newly-setup retailer, ensuring that US customers can still get their hands on the magic dongle.

In a talk with The Inquirer, ASEM’s CEO also spilled the beans on some upcoming features: the EFI-X dongle will soon support Intel’s Core i7 and x58 architectures, followed later on by support for Ati’s Radeon HD 48×0 and Nvidia’s GTX 285 graphics chips. Combined with triple-channel DDR3, that could be some seriously fast Mac OS X machine.


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