Snow Leopard To Get iPhone’s Location Tools

Between all the Windows 7 hubbub, you’d almost forget that that other operating system maker is also hard at work on the next release of its operating system. Even though Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard was supposed to be a release that did not focus on end user features, it seems that Apple will still include a number of those in Snow Leopard. The new cat will follow in Windows 7’s footsteps by including a location awareness framework, while also allowing programmers to make use of the multitouch trackpads in Apple’s laptops.

In a manner similar to Windows 7’s Sensor and Location Platform, Snow Leopard’s CoreLocation framework will allow you to make your applications location aware. Since Macs do not (yet) include GPS technology, CoreLocation triangulates the position details from the networking hardware, similar to the original iPhone. When Snow Leopard is released, however, I’m sure Macs will come with a GPS unit by default.

Also included are a number of Cocoa-based programming interfaces that allow programmers to tap into the multitouch functionality provided by the touchpads in newer MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Whether or not this framework could also power display-based multitouch remains unknown, so there’s no way of telling if Apple will include such technology in future Macs.

The information is gathered through the most recent Snow Leopard seeds. It is not yet known when Snow Leopard will hit the shelves.


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