Feel-good and Working on a Dream

No major events of announcements this week, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have any interesting content the past 7 days. The steady stream of news about Windows 7 continues to flow, while the netbook stream dried up a bit. We also some very interesting releases this week, such as the latest ReactOS and a new JNode release. Linus Torvalds made headline news once again because of his comments about having multiple Linux distributions, and it became clear SGI is in trouble yet again. This week’s My Take is about working on a dream.

Week in Review

Let’s get all of the Windows 7 news out of the way first. Most prominent was the back and forth between the beta testing community and Microsoft about a flaw in UAC, which allowed malicious code and scripts to completely disable UAC without ever showing a dialog. Even though Microsoft initially disregarded this as “by design“, pressure from the community forced them to change their position this week, and to implement a relatively simple fix: changing UAC will always trigger UAC from the RC onwards. For now, Windows 7 users are advised to move the UAC slider all the way up just to be safe.

The other big Windows 7item this week was the unveiling of the various Windows 7 editions. Microsoft will focus on just two versions in the Western market: Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional. Ultimate will be for enthusiasts, while the Home Basic and Starter versions will not be available to us Westerners. Enterprise editions will only be available via the volume licensing program.

Jordan (‘weildish’) published an editorial on OSNews about the “Release Windows 7 Now Campaign”, while Engadget was underwhelmed by touch on the Windows 7 beta.

Leaving Windows 7 behind, Linus Torvalds made some interesting remarks about there being so many Linux distributions. He reckons it’s good for competition and choice, and in a sort-of mini-editorial, I explained why I agreed with Torvalds on this one. This item produced some interesting discussion as well, so be sure to catch up on that if you have the time.

We also had some feel-good items this week. First, we asked you to show us your desktop, something we’ll do at the start of every year from now on. Lots of beautiful desktop shots, and also a few that made some us cringe. We also discussed naming our computers, and how that might assist us in working with them more easily. Funny stuff in there, for sure.

To wrap this review of the week up, both JNode and ReactOS released new versions of their operating systems, with the latter showing promise, but a lot of rough edges as well. Sadly enough, the week ended with a sad note about SGI being in trouble yet again.

My Take: Working on a Dream

Recently, the new Bruce Springsteen album, “Working on a Dream“, was released. It’s an E Street album, so fans will know what to expect. Instead of trying to capture the brilliance of The Boss in words, I figured I might as well just let the album speak for itself. The epic album opener, “Outlaw Pete”.

Music like this is rare these days. Bruce Springsteen simply is one of the best musicians of all time, and this album just proves my point.

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