Microsoft Gives nVidia the OK for Ion Computers

It’s not as if nVidia really needs Microsoft’s stamp of approval to go ahead and sell their upcoming Ion-based PCs as people would certainly buy them anyway, but it certainly helps for us to know that they are tested to be certified for Windows Vista. Of course, we can’t exactly trust just because a computer is “certified” for Windows Vista that it’ll be a pleasant experience after previous events involving the system’s specifications. However, the small form factor Ion-based machines showcased in the videos on Hot Hardware are rather impressive (if you’re willing to wait through an annoying ‘online scuba lessons’ ad), playing 1080p HD video fullscreen without any dropframes, running Vista without hiccups, and even playing 3D games with equivalence to a mid-tower, mid-range quality. These little buggers are expected to roll out Summer of 2009, the cheapest of the lot reaching a delicious low of $299.


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