Microsoft Unveils Recite

This week at Mobile World Congress Microsoft will release a free technology preview of Microsoft Recite. Microsoft Recite runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher and allows the user to record voice notes and then store, search and retrieve information from them by simply speaking a word that they want to search for.

It’s a rather odd piece of technology that can’t really be put into words – it’s much better explained by a video demonstration. Here we go:

You may think this technology uses speech recognition, but that’s actually not the case. It makes use of pattern recognition; instead of converting spoken word to text and comparing that text to previously recorded notes to find a match, Recite looks at patterns in your speech and finds the correct match this way.

It’s in technology preview right now, meaning it’s far from stable. You ned to have one of the following phones: AT&T BlackJack II, AT&T Pantech Duo, HTC Diamond, Motorola Q9C, Moto Q9m, Palm Treo 800w, Palm Treo Pro, SMT 5800, T-Mobile Dash, T-Mobile Shadow, or the T-Mobile Wing. Get it here.


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