13 Specialty Linux Distros Worth Considering

InfoWorld’s Rick Grehan offers a two-part roundup of 13 specialty Linux distros, each of which constructs a user environment tuned to a specific application or, in the case of Ubuntu Christian Edition and Ubuntu Muslim Edition, to a specific community’s computing needs. Whereas the first installment focused on small-footprint distros, system-rescue Linux, and Linux flavors geared for archaic hardware, the second installment showcases the advantages of customizing both OS components and user-level software, focusing on firewall Linuxes, a Linux SAN/NAS appliance, two Linuxes for musicians, and the aforementioned religious flavors of Ubuntu. ‘These distributions are outstanding examples of flexibility of the Linux OS,’ Grehan writes. ‘Hats off to the designers and developers who build these specialized distributions and make the fruits of their enthusiasm available to all.’


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