‘AxDroid’: Android on Dell Axim X51v

Ertan D. has managed to install and run Android on the Dell Axim X51v, and there’s a video demonstrating the working system, complete with a lovely sound track to keep one company. Android currently isn’t completely friendly with the handheld computer as it still lacks WiFi support and has some power management issues (to name a few), but it’s still a good beginning. Though the Axim was discontinued several years ago and is aging and getting more and more out of date when compared to today’s mobile devices, the X51v still packs a punch with its 624 MHz processor, 3.7-inch VGA screen, and 2700G graphics processor. Ertan hopes to develop the project further to a point when Android can be a viable replacement OS to Windows Mobile 5 on the X51v.

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  1. 2009-03-06 10:39 pm