Romanians Find Cure for Conficker Worm

Remember Conficker, the worm that wouldn’t have been as devastating as it has been had people just kept their machines up to date? Even though the critical patch had already been released way before Conficker started its rampage, the worm became one of the worst infections to date. A Romanian company has found a cure for the worm.

Romanian security company BitDefender has worked on a removal tool for Conficker, and finally reached their goal. The company says the worm is so difficult to remove because it contains its own built-in update mechanism.

“BitDefender Labs has been seeing an increase in worms, like Downadup, that have a built-in mathematical algorithm, generating strings based on the current date,” the company says in a statement, “The worms then produce a fixed number of domain names on a daily basis and check them for updates. This makes it easy for malware writers to upgrade a worm or give it a new payload, as they only have to register one of the domains and then upload the files.”

The removal tool is easy enough, and works in both Vista and XP environments. It’s also free.


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