eComStation Maintenance Tool 1.10.5 and Other Updates

A major update to the eCS Maintenance Tool is contained in 1.10.5. In addition, the following packages are now available for download through or by downloading eCS MT 1.10.5 and using its download capabilites.eCS Maintenance Tool 1.10.5
IBM Convenience Package FixPak 3 (English)
OS/2 kernel 14.093a_W4
OS/2 kernel 14.093a_SMP
TCP/IP 4.3x fixpack UN02206 (English)
MPTS LAPS 4.3x fixpack WR08706 (English)
TCP/IP 4.3x fixpack UNG2206 (Deutsch)
MPTS LAPS 4.3x fixpack WRG8706 (Deutsch)
IBM Single Mouse driver (10.73)
IBM IDE DASD drivers (10.85)
Daniela Engert’s IDE driver suite (1.5.2 & 0.3.12)

Some of the above packages require the latest level of eCS MT for installation support (for example, the install program shipped by IBM with the Single Mouse driver has never worked).


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