How Apple’s App Review Is Undermining The iPhone

InfoWorld’s Peter Wayner provides an inside look at the frustration iPhone developers face from Apple when attempting to distribute their apps through the iPhone App Store. Determined to simply dump an HTML version of his book into UIWebView and offer two versions through the App Store, Wayner endures four months of inexplicable silences, mixed messages, and almost whimsical rejections from Apple — the kind of frustration and uncertainty Wayner believes is fast transforming Apple’s regulated marketplace into a hotbed of bottom-feeding mediocrity. ‘Developers are afraid to risk serious development time on the platform as long as anonymous gatekeepers are able to delay projects by weeks and months with some seemingly random flick of a finger,’ Wayner writes of his experience. ‘It’s one thing to delay a homebrew project like mine, but it’s another thing to shut down a team of developers burning real cash. Apple should be worried when real programmers shrug off the rejections by saying, “It’s just a hobby.”‘


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