Preview: Creative Zii EGG

We’ve talked about Creative’s brand-new Stemcell computing platform before. They developed a new processor, the ZMS-05, which consists of two ARM-926 cores, and 48 programmable ‘processing elements’ which can develop in real-time into performing any of the specialised acceleration functions needed by modern computing. In addition, the system-on-chips, called Zii, could be linked together freely, achieving teraflop speeds on a sheet of A4 paper. Back then, they claimed that a Zii could easily playback HD content (even on HDTVs). They put the Zii in a iPod Touch-like device, and their promises turned out to be true.

They call it theZii EGG handheld, the first device running on the Plaszma open source platform (built on top of Linux) and utilizing the ZMS-05 chip. Apart from the amazing Zii stuff, it also comes with an accelerometer, WiFi, GPS, BlueTooth, 32GB internal storage, and an SD expansion slot. This being Creative, it also comes with Creative’s X-Fi audio processing chip. Pretty darn impressive.

The Zii EGG can run two operating systems: the Plazma operating system (Linux-based), and Google’s Android. Plazma takes much more advantage of the device than Android does, but Android has the better mindshare and applications, of course.

The Zii EGG will be offered to developers and OEMs only for now (but you can order a developer package for USD 399), as a means to get them acquainted with the hardware. Android is not yet working optimally on the Zii EGG, so for now, the Plazma OS will ship with the device, but buyers will get Android later on, with the ability to load either OS on the device.

Oh, detailed specifications and more information. There are also two videos showing off the device.


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