Win a Free Xandros Desktop 1.0 Copy

Xandros Desktop sets a new standard for Linux based desktop operating systems by delivering an environment and set of applications that allow you to install the system and get back to work. It is based on the pioneering direction of Corel LINUX OS which was recognized by both mainstream and Linux publications as a leader in making Linux accessible to desktop users. And today, it can be yours for free (a value of $99 USD)! Read more to enter the competition.Xandros desktop provides an environment that is; simple to install, configure and use; provides extensive compatibility on a number of levels; and harnesses the power of Linux to provide a viable, highly functional and reliable desktop.

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If there is one characteristics that defines Xandros Desktop more than any other, it is its simplicity. From its installation, through configuration, to its day-to-day use, Xandros Desktop demands only a short learning curve. Because the implementation of features in Xandros Desktop is often similar to Microsoft Windows, the transition from Windows to Xandros Desktop is easy resulting in lower support and training costs and greater productivity.

Second in importance to simplicity is compatibility. Compatibility, in the context of a desktop operating system, encompasses much more than simply being able to open and create popular file formats such as Microsoft .doc and .xls files. Compatibility also means: a familiar environment, applications that you have used before, adherence to open standards, and fitting into a Microsoft Windows networked environment. Xandros delivers this kind of compatibility and more.

Click for a larger version Xandros Desktop is a professional desktop for business users but it will also appeal to technology enthusiasts who are looking for a Linux based desktop that meets their requirements for an easy to use, commercially supported desktop with the fit, finish and polish of a thoroughly tested operating system. If you are interested in the latest cutting edge applications, the Technology Preview CD that is included with the product contains many of the most recent software releases including KDE3. However, for most users who are looking for a stable, reliable and highly usable system, the regular Xandros Desktop is the right choice.

Things you need to know before entering the competition:

  • ALL the form fields below need to be field with real and honest information, so Xandros can reply to you in case you’ve won.

  • Xandros will randomly pick up one winner, and it will be announced on OSNews tomorrow.

  • OSNews does not accept any other responsibility other than hosting this competition. OSNews does not receive any information from the form, Xandros does.

  • The competition will be active on Tuesday, December 10th 2002.

  • Xandros retains the right to add your email address to their ANNOUNCE-only mailing list (low traffic), but do not worry, your email address will only be used for this purpose and not any other.

  • If you win but you fail to reply to Xandros with your snail mail address (so they can send you the prize) within a week, another winner will be chosen in your place.

  • You are allowed one entry.

  • Good luck everyone!

    The competition is now closed. Thank you for participating.


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