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Results of OSCON Pass Giveaway

It took some back-and forth, since the original winner couldn't attend, but we finally selected a confirmed winner of a three-day pass to OSCON, July 22-26 in Portland, Oregon. It's Gregory Eric Sanderson. Congratulations, Gregory! If you didn't win but you still want to attend, you've got two options: represent OSNews as a writer, as described here, or buy a ticket using the code "OSN" to get 20% off. Update: Free Expo Hall Only pass to OSCON with code MPEXPO. Includes all parties, 5K, expo hall, sponsored sessions + more.

Help Me Fight Injustice. Vote for My Museum Exhibit

I need everybody's help. I was selected as a finalist for the local science museum's contest to identify the innovation that I would most like to see invented and create a small exhibit about it. I put in a huge amount of effort to make a very well researched and prepared presentation, and even built a kid-friendly museum exhibit and presentation to illustrate my idea. The winner gets a trip to Italy. But get this: it turns out the winner is going to be determined by an easy-to-game online poll. So I feel like an idiot for spending so much effort, because the person with the most Facebook friends is going to win. Please help me fight for justice for voting for my project. (It's project #1). Update: Somebody was stuffing the ballot box, so they enabled some fig-leaf anti-cheating protections and reset the vote.

Competition: Win a Linux-based Neuros OSD

A few days ago we published a review of the Linux-based Neuros OSD recorder and player. Now, you can win one of these devices! All you have to do is research on the product to find out its current capabilities, and then comment below with suggestions on how to make it better and with ideas for new applications and hacks. The Neuros Technology guys will pick the best idea in 3 days time and we will provide them with the winner's email address so they can send him/her a free Neuros OSD device (that info won't be used for other purposes). If you wish to comment but not to participate in the competition, please clearly state so on your comments. Update: The winner is FunkyELF for this post. Congrats!

OSNews’ Icon Contest

As some of you may have noticed by now, OSNews has started using icons from the Tango Project to replace many of our old icons. You can spot the new icons conveniently on the topic page. In the Tango icon library we have found numerous icons we could use, but understandably, Tango was not made for OSNews: we cannot replace all the icons we want with Tango icons - yet. And this is where you come into play. So, read on for the rationale behind choosing the Tango icon set, and how you can help us - and win a subscription to our ad-free version!

2005 Tech Product Wishlist

"Well, it is that time of the year again. With Halloween done and over with its time for Thanksgiving and, before you know it, the holiday season. Every company realizes this and has made sure the stores are packed with cool new gadgets, gifts, and gizmos. This guide is going to go over a few of the items which appear of the wishlists of a few of the staff members. Nothing too formal, but you can get an idea of some of the cool products to keep an eye out for this season."

Holiday Shopping

For all of you who plan to use the web for your holiday shopping, I wanted to let you know that we made some updates to the OSNews Price Comparison Shop. As always, you can find it on the left side of the site, under the ad or at We now have a search field that will take you directly to a comparison of prices for the item that you enter. If you can't find what you're looking for at PG, you may want to try NewMobileComputing's Price Comparison, which is powered by Dealtime.