Win a Free Copy of Beatware’s e-Picture PRO 3.0

e-Picture Pro 3.0 is the complete web graphics design application for users that want to jazz up their sites with refined graphics, animations and rollovers, including built-in text effects. With e-Picture Pro, you get a powerful still image and animation tool that can take your web graphics to the next level. Now, you can win a free copy of e-Picture Pro 3.0 (valued at $130) for Windows by entering the competition.With e-Picture Pro you get a powerful standalone graphics design application for creating everything from JPEG images to animated GIFs and interactive Flash graphics. As an added benefit, Microsoft FrontPage users also receive the e-Picture Imager. With the e-Picture Imager, you can customize your e-Picture Pro graphics and generate new ones directly from within FrontPage. Imagine taking a single animated rollover button and using it to build an entire toolbar complete with custom text and links – without leaving the comfort of FrontPage.

With e-Picture Pro your web site can now have the clean look and scalability of vector graphics and text as well as the rich quality of digital photos. Why pay hundreds of dollars and spend dozens of hours learning several new programs when e-Picture Pro has everything you need.

Create rich animations in half the time of other animation software. Improve the look of your web page with professional quality buttons, animated graphics and menus.
Leverage your e-Picture graphics in FrontPage to create entire toolbars based on a single graphic, animation or rollover. Enhance your site with text effects, natural motion and interactivity.

Keep your file size small with advanced features like image slicing and side-by-side export comparisons
e-Picture Pro is the all-in-one graphics and animation design tool for people that are serious about improving the look and feel of their web sites. If you create web graphics for personal or business use, or you just have the desire to see how easy creating animated GIF and Flash files can be, e-Picture Pro is the graphics application for you.

Things you need to know before entering the competition:

  • ALL the form fields below need to be field with real and honest information, so Beatware can reply to you in case you’ve won.

  • Beatware will randomly pick up one winner, and it will be announced on OSNews tomorrow.

  • OSNews does not accept any other responsibility other than hosting this competition. OSNews does not receive any information from the form, Beatware does.

  • The competition will be active on Wednesday, December 11th 2002 (PST).

  • Beatware retains the right to add your email address to their ANNOUNCE-only mailing list (low traffic), but do not worry, your email address will only be used for this purpose and not any other.

  • You are allowed one entry.

  • Good luck everyone!

    The competition is now closed. Thank you for participating.


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    3. 2002-12-11 7:55 pm
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    5. 2002-12-11 8:28 pm
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    8. 2002-12-11 9:24 pm
    9. 2002-12-11 9:45 pm
    10. 2002-12-11 10:07 pm
    11. 2002-12-11 10:37 pm
    12. 2002-12-11 10:44 pm
    13. 2002-12-12 12:23 am
    14. 2002-12-12 6:35 am
    15. 2002-12-12 7:22 am
    16. 2002-12-12 7:30 am
    17. 2002-12-12 7:42 am
    18. 2002-12-12 8:35 am
    19. 2002-12-12 9:42 am
    20. 2002-12-12 2:24 pm
    21. 2002-12-13 9:15 am