Xandros to release downloadable Lite Edition?

Mike T-F-K writes “Xandros is obviously an intriguing desktop solution for corporate users–their target audience. With “out of the box” NT-domain login compatibility and the bundled CrossOver packages providing MS Office/Internet Explorer functionality, switching over to the more affordable Linux desktop now seems feasible for any company running a Microsoft shop.“That’s great for business, but what about the domestic user? Many home users are interested in adopting Xandros for their desktop OS, but some are intimidated by the $99 price tag; especially taking into consideration the potential false promises and hype associated with a long anticipated 1.0 release (*cough* LindowsOS *cough*).”

“Although the price is justifiable by the bundled proprietary stuff, some of us don’t require this added functionality. Some, this writer included, are perfectly happy with the level of MS Office interoperability that OpenOffice.org yields, and the native plug-ins/browsing capabilities provided by Mozilla. The main attraction to Xandros for us is: 1) XFM File Manager—More responsive than Konqueror and, arguably, more functional. The only missing part here is html browsing (Perhaps the 2.0 release will have a gecko-based plug-in for surfing the net?!), but Mozilla will certainly suffice for now. 2) Xandros Network—A simple way to keep your system up to date. It also takes the pain out of installing applications in Linux. No more dependency issues, creating menu links, shortcuts, etc. This does application does it all! 3) Streamlined Interface—Although selection is one of Linux’s biggest selling points, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Most Linux distributions have horribly cluttered menus; it’s hard to know what you’re clicking on sometimes. And why have 8 programs that do the same thing? Xandros does an excellent job of trimming the fat. The menu is clean, concise, and intuitively organized. 4) “Out of the box” LAN connectivity—No more messing around with SAMBA configuration files. Complete file and printer sharing with just a few clicks of the mouse. 5) Easy installation—One of the simplest installations available in ANY operating system, hands down. It offers a quick and easy configuration mode for beginners and an advanced mode that will appeal to power users.”

“So will Xandros release a less expensive, *LITE* edition desktop? I decided to contact them and find out for myself. The response was very compelling: “…we are getting close to releasing a reduced functionality version at a lower price as a pay for download…” “…the features would address the exact requirements you’ve identified…” Such a package would certainly suffice for many home desktop users; I know it’d be fine for me. But the beauty is, should you later decide that CrossOver Office/Plug-ins are worth the added expense, you may be able to keep your existing installation and add these features via Xandros Network. With Xandros, options are open for everyone… business or domestic.”


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