EXOdesk: Surface for Everyone

Okay, I think we can all agree on the fact that while Microsoft’s Surface machines might not be particularly useful for most of us, we all secretly want one, or something similar. Thanks to EXOPC, you’ll now be able to: for $1299, you’ll have a 40″ multitouch interactive desk.

Microsoft recently unveiled the latest hardware for its Surface computing technology – the Samsung SUR40 – which will set you back a hefty $8400. It comes in the form of a table, and isn’t really aimed at home use. EXOPC’s EXOdesk, however, will only set you back $1299. ExoPC put up a promotional video today.

The company said they’re going to divulge all the details at CES January next year. My guess is that they’ve been able to keep the price this low because unlike Microsoft’s Surface, which can handle 50 simultaneous touch points for a ‘multiplayer’ experience, the EXOdesk will probably only handle round and about 10 touches. This should make both soft- and hardware far less complex – and thus, cheaper.

EXOPC is not a newcomer – they’ve built and shipped the EXOPC slate, a Windows 7 tablet with their own unique user interface. The EXOdesk contains hints of the same user interface, which isn’t all that surprising. IT could be that the EXOdesk is not necessarily an entire computer, but a multitouch display which interacts with the EXOPC software on your regular Windows machine.

The $1299 price point is of course very aggressive, but only time will tell if they manage to actually hit this target next year. In any case, I’m very happy they’re trying to be innovative, and I can definitely see a lot of uses for such a display. I mean, why buy a graphics tablet when you can have one of these? A lot of creative folk are going to be really happy with this device.


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