Review: Haswell-infused Alienware X51 R2 SFF game PC

“And so it is with Dell’s Alienware X51 R2, a small form factor gaming PC in console digs. It’s shaped similar to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Slim, and though it’s slightly larger than either a 360 or PlayStation 3, the X51 R2 would be right at home in a living room setting nestled next to a large screen TV. Indeed, it’s adept at running Steam’s Big Picture mode, and if your primary objective is to play games in the living room, go ahead and consider the X51 R2 a hybrid game console.” This is obviously not the only machine like this – still, these are very valid console alternatives even for those that don’t like being hunched over with a cramped WASD-claw. Also, PC gamers among us: could you get away with the $699 model for gaming?


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