The Story Behind the Solaris OE

Sun has published an article describing how they “transformed the Unix into the leading environment for technical and enterprise computing” with Solaris. The article features a timeline description from SunOS in 1982 to 2001 and Solaris 8. In the meantime, Solaris 9 is still in beta and it is scheduled to be released next year with the following new features:

  • Multiple Page Size.
  • Support in the kernel for better memory management.
  • Improved threading library for better scaling and performance.
  • New Reconfiguration Coordination Manager API allows applications to react to Dynamic Reconfiguration events. Live Upgrade, which lets an administrator install the new operating system onto an unused portion of a storage system then reboot the server to the new version. If it doesn’t work right, the administrator can boot back to the older version.
  • Detailed control over computing resources. The new Solaris improves how software processes can share CPUs. It also lets administrators monitor or change how resources are being used.
  • Support for the latest version 5 of the Kerberos authentication system.
  • The ability to write data or audio CDs.
  • The ability to install only a minimum set of Solaris features.


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