FreeRTOS 8.2.0 released

Version 8.2.0 of the embedded operating system FreeRTOS has just been released and is available to download. A complete list of changes is available, but personally I would highlight two of them: task notifications and some improvements of the popular ARM Cortex-M4F port.

Just a short introduction for those of you who have never heard about FreeRTOS before: it’s a popular open source (released under a modified GPL license) embedded operating system (well, a multithreading library would be a more accurate description) which runs on many microcontrollers with just a few kilobytes of memory. It allows your embedded application to be split into several threads (called “tasks”) with different priorities, and offers several mechanisms for synchronization/communication among tasks, dynamic allocation of memory etc.

The project officially supports quite a lot of combinations of toolchains and professional microcontrollers, however, it is not too difficult to port it to other microcontrollers. Would you like to run it on your Raspberry Pi? No problem, somebody has already ported it for you. You don’t have a R.Pi? Never mind, you can try it in Qemu.


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