LuneOS January stable release: Breve

Late last year, Open webOS was renamed to LuneOS, and they’ve released a new version. The post is dated 9 January, but for some reason, it only showed up for me today (no idea why).

  • Initial support for IM and SMS messaging
  • Mobile data usage is now functional but needs an unlocked SIM card and be manually enabled through the settings app
  • Extended dashboard support
  • Location service with WiFi based position source only (using Mozilla’s location service; see
  • Charger status on Nexus 4 is now correctly detected
  • Improved image quality in some apps and the card shell
  • Screen recording support (see for details)
  • Backend support for MMS messages but not yet integrated with LuneOS services
  • Several metadata cleanups

As far as I can tell, it’s still limited to the Nexus 4 and HP TouchPad for now.


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