HTC unveils One M9

It’s hard not to have high hopes for the HTC One M9. Its immediate predecessor and the first phone in this rebirth of the HTC’s flagship line – that’d be 2014’s HTC One M8 and 2013’s M7 – were fan favorites, and highly regarded by those of us who critique phones for a living.

But those phones were not without their flaws. And as we’ve seen HTC slowly address its devices’ shortcomings (while growing and innovating in other areas), it’s been difficult to not expect it to finally get things – all the things – right.

At least that’s what we’ve been hoping, especially when it comes to its one tragic feature: The inconsistent performance of its UltraPixel camera.

And that brings us to this. The HTC One M9. We’ve spent a little time with HTC’s latest, and this is what we’ve found thus far.

The HTC One M9 – the new one, announced today – looks very similar to the M8, but of course with better specifications and updated software. As much as I think the One series might be the best Android phones out there in terms of build quality, I just can’t get myself to like its overall design. I do hope, though, that the M9 sells in large enough numbers, because HTC is going to need it.


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