Samsung unveils Galasy S6, S6 Edge

Samsung, naturally, is hoping to put the Galaxy S series back on people’s radar as a top device, and it’s doing so by starting afresh with the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Though it numerically follows the GS5, the Galaxy S6 bears little resemblance to the previous model, and marks a pretty significant change in the way Samsung designs phones. At the same time, the S6 edge picks up the fun parts of the Galaxy Note Edge and leaves behind the poor software experience.

There’s a brand new design philosophy in play with the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, starting with the radical hardware change and flowing into a more considered software experience. These are the phones that Samsung’s hoping will change the perception of its devices in 2015 – let us show you what they’re all about.

After HTC, Samsung was up. Most of the information regarding the new Galasy S6 and Galasy S6 Edge were leaked before their official unveiling, so we already knew what to expect. I’m particularly pleased with Samsung greatly simplifying TouchWiz, and the simplified camera interface and performance are very welcome too. The all-metal construction is nice, and I personally really like the Edge’s curved display – not because of any software functionality, but because it just looks really nice and ergonomic.

During the unveiling event, one thing really stood out: confidence. Rarely have I seen Samsung personnel being this genuinely enthousiastic and confident about their new phones. They didn’t resort to crazy antics or heavy buzzword dropping – they showed the device, its strengths, and that was it. For the first time, it felt as if Samsung truly believes the S6 and S6 Edge can stand on their own merit, instead of being held up by marketing and similar tricks.

My contract renewal is up later this year, and the S6 looks quite intriguing, and I haven’t found any Samsung phone even remotely intriguing since the SII.


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