‘Partnering with Adobe on new contributions to our web platform’

In recent releases, we’ve talked often about our goal to bring the team and technologies behind our web platform closer to the community of developers and other vendors who are also working to move the Web forward. This has been a driving motivation behind our emphasis on providing better developer tools, resources for cross-browser testing, and more ways than ever to interact with the “Project Spartan” team.

In the same spirit of openness, we’ve been making changes internally to allow other major Web entities to contribute to the growth of our platform, as well as to allow our team to give back to the Web. In the coming months we’ll be sharing some of these stories, beginning with today’s look at how Adobe’s Web Platform Team has helped us make key improvements for a more expressive Web experience in Windows 10.

Why don’t they just do it right from the get-go, bite the bullet, and release their new engine as open source? Why this kinda stuff where only big players get to maybe possibly contribute? What’s the point?


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