BlackBerry ‘Prague’ the first Android-powered device?

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about BlackBerry working on a device running Android, and at first, the rumour was that the portrait slider – yes, with a keyboard – the company briefly flashed before our eyes early this year was going to run Android. I got excited over this one, because I’ve been wanting a modern smartphone with a keyboard for a long time now. The Passport is a good example, but it’s quite expensive for entry into a platform with dubious longevity (I did actually try to buy one when I was in Canada late last year, but Canadian stores were afraid of my money). So, the prospect of an Android slider from BlackBerry surely had my wallet rumbling.

Too bad. A new rumour today suggests that while BlackBerry is indeed working on an Android device, it’s not the slider device, but a lower-end, Android One-like device. Still interesting, of course, but not nearly as interest-piquing as a device with a hardware keyboard.

Assuming the rumours don’t change tomorrow, those of us hoping for a modern Android smartphone with a hardware keyboard will have to wait a little longer.


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