Microsoft’s new Windows Phones

The Lumia 950 and its bigger sibling are intended not as a revolution, but as a solid foundation to a brighter and better future for Microsoft’s mobile efforts. They should be judged on that basis, not on whether they’re able to make a dent in the Apple and Google duopoly. To achieve that lofty goal, Microsoft will need multiple generations of devices as well as the collaboration of other service providers willing to bring their apps to its platform. Tomorrow’s event will be indicative of how progress is going along that path, while also giving us a pair of interesting new devices to talk about.

I have little to no hope for Windows Phone. It’s done.

One interesting note for tomorrow’s Microsoft event: there’s rumblings and rumours about Google unveiling official Google applications for Windows 10 tomorrow. It’s nothing solid, and take it with some salt, but it wouldn’t be that surprising – just as Microsoft needed Apple almost 20 years ago, Google may need Microsoft today.


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