Pre-order the Ubuntu tablet, Aquaris M10

After the first few Ubuntu smartphones, it only made sense for Ubuntu to find its way to a tablet as well. The Aquaris M10 can now be preordered, and has the ability to switch between tablet mode and desktop mode, providing an interface for each.

When you switch to desktop mode, the scopes become windows which you can navigate using the touchscreen or with a mouse. You can also connect the tablet to a monitor to view your work on a larger screen. This convergence facilitates multitasking and expands the tablet’s possibilities as a work tool. What’s more, it includes apps like LibreOffice and GIMP Image Editor, so you can use it without restrictions in a professional environment.

We’re getting ever closer to an interface which automatically adapts to whatever screen or input devices it’s connected to, which is something I personally would go for in a heartbeat. I find it incredibly silly that we’re lugging around a phone and a laptop, have a desktop at home, and maybe even a tablet, when many of these devices are more than powerful enough to take on almost all computing tasks of any of them.

The Ubuntu tablet comes in two flavours, and starts at €259.


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